One of the most reputed job comprising fighting the client’s case at the Appellate Stage of Tribunal which is the supreme fact finding authority a Chartered Accountant can verge upon, requiring efficacy at its best. Acknowledged as the most respected in the field of appellate proceedings, our Front Runner C.A. Sunil Keswani is a specialist in this arena for the last 13 years.


It is a post return filing stage where records of the assessee are called for scrutiny by the Assessing Officer based upon certain parameters. Chartered Accountants represent the assessee in front of the Assessing Officer and present the case accordingly. Being the nascent stage of assessment proceedings, it calls for rigorous preparation of presenting records before the various Authorities.

Return Filing

Inceptive Stage involving filing of Income Tax and TDS computation returns of various assesses ranging from Individuals, Firms to Public Ltd Companies. It Comprises submitting the income for the whole year in the prescribed format based on compilation of various data and calculating various inclusions and exclusions thereon.

Tax Planning

Involving a combination of tact and skill of the Chartered Accountant, it is the paramount step for any assessee. Pizzazz of the young blood in the team of Sunil Keswani traverses the tax planning of every assessee - the most strenuous step in taxation.

Written Opinion

Enquiries of the various clients are discussed with the whole team of Chartered Accountants and after various deliberations with the client and seeking opinion of the expert on the subject, a consensus is drawn. The client’s best interests are preserved and he is advised accordingly. Standard Code of Ethic & Conduct is followed and complete respect is given to the confidentiality of the client.